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ModulPlyus LLC builds homes and cottages in the Krasnodar region

Fabrication and manufacturing of steel. Frame houses modular houses, depending on the type of steel, which is made of corrugated board and gofrolis which, in turn, produces metal, they can vary a great bearing capacity and strength, and therefore are used as accessories for the manufacture of concrete. Corrugated and gofrolist used as roofing material and construction of modular buildings, without bearing interior partitions, you can use it as a beautiful and ultra-modern building with a fence or a cottage for cladding the exterior walls, and he made of galvanized steel cold-rolled steel, while it is coated with a polymeric coating and bez. Dlya erection of buildings is very important metal structures, which are beams, consisting of U-sections or other metal, corrugated, gofrolist and still a large number of items of nomenclature. Of what metal they produce and what it is used in their construction? For the construction of buildings with large rooms “Module Plus” uses bearings and bearing metal or pipes, or beams, but it is best to resist bending of the beam is composed of channels and struts, proposing to use the same support osb. For the manufacture of various steel rolling steel sections used the following types: ordinary steel sheets of different thicknesses, as well as channels, angles, brands, and girders. And for the fastener elements of different designs using rivets, nuts and bolts, screws and welding. Steel structures are produced by thermal and mechanical processing – metal is heated to high temperatures and with the help of hammer blows or press bent to the desired length of the desired angle. In addition to heat treatment of metal are used more and cutting, drilling, milling and other processing methods for machine tools. Since the bearing and the bearing steel in a prefabricated building to withstand constant high load, and sometimes periodic vibration of small or large, they are made of very high metal products with a high resistance to chemicals and corrosion engineering.